Waterjet and Plasma 2 in 1 Combination

Waterjet and Plasma 2 in 1 Combination

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Waterjet Plasma 2 in 1 Combination is offered by our company which is designed by making use of super grade raw components by our skilled workers. This machine is very accurate, that is why most people want to buy a it, to cut very accurate parts that require no secondary operations. Waterjet Plasma 2 in 1 Combination can produce a finished part that requires no machining or grinding afterwards. As this machine is a mechanical sawing operation, it creates no change to the metallurgy of the base metal. In this machine, variable edge quality is easily selected, varying the speed affects the edge quality wit very predictable results.

A Waterjet and Plasma 2-in-1 Combination machine alludes to a half breed CNC (PC Mathematical Control) machine that integrates both waterjet cutting and plasma cutting capacities into a single framework. This combination offers makers the adaptability to pick between two different cutting strategies in view of the particular prerequisites of their activities. 

Benefits of Waterjet and Plasma 2 in 1 Combination:


  • Flexibility: Administrators can pick the most appropriate cutting technique for various materials, optimizing results and reducing the requirement for numerous machines.
  • Cost Proficiency: A single machine fills numerous cutting needs, possibly saving on hardware expenses and shop space.
  • Upgraded Efficiency: The capacity to switch between cutting techniques rapidly takes into account effective material processing.
  • Intricate Plans: Waterjet cutting succeeds at intricate plans, while plasma cutting is effective for thicker materials.


Features of Waterjet and Plasma 2 in 1 Combination:

  •  Waterjet for accuracy and finishing
  •  Plasma for the edges on which higher accuracies are not required
  •  Get Higher Output
  •  Save space, as factory space is very expensive
  •  Good if you have jobshop as it gives flexibility in taking jobs
  •  You can reduce overall cost of profile cutting
  •  Huge savings on machine investments, 2 machines can be replaced by 1
  •  Single software is used for both technology, easy to manage
  •  Only one operator required


FAQs of Waterjet and Plasma 2 in 1 Combination: 

What is a Waterjet and Plasma 2-in-1 Combination Machine?

A Waterjet and Plasma 2-in-1 Combination Machine is a CNC cutting framework that combines the capacities of both a waterjet cutting machine and a plasma cutting machine. It permits administrators to switch among waterjet and plasma cutting strategies within a similar machine.

How does the combination function?

The machine includes both a waterjet cutting head and a plasma cutting head, which can be on the other hand utilized for cutting different materials. The client chooses the fitting cutting technique in light of the material kind, thickness, and wanted cut quality.

What materials can be cut using this combination machine?

Both waterjet and plasma cutting strategies can cut a great many materials, including metals like steel, aluminum, stainless steel, as well as composites, plastics, and then some.

Could the combination at any point machine handle thick materials?

Indeed, plasma cutting is especially compelling for thicker metals, while waterjet cutting can deal with a large number of materials and thicknesses.

Is this machine appropriate for intricate plans?

Indeed, the waterjet cutting ability succeeds at creating intricate and exact plans, making it ideal for nitty gritty work.

Might the machine at any point be robotized?

Indeed, numerous advanced combination machines can be integrated with CNC controls for robotized activity and exact cutting cycles. 

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