Smartfeed Auto Abrasive Delivery System

Smartfeed Auto Abrasive Delivery System

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Product Description

Smart feed Auto-Abrasive Delivery System is used to control the consumption of abrasive, which is the main source of cutting cost. The optimal feeding quantity of abrasive helps to ensure successful cutting of a water jet cutter. This equipment is easy to operate and has high cost performance. It can support 24-hour continuous working with two independent cutting heads. Smartfeed Auto-Abrasive Delivery System is able to supply extremely accurate abrasive quantity to ensure efficient cutting of a water jet cutting machine. The system also helps to solve the troubles of abrasive blockage as the computer is accurate in coordinating with the discharging time of abrasive.

The Smartfeed Auto Abrasive Delivery System is by all accounts an item intended to automate the delivery of abrasive material in abrasive waterjet cutting systems. These systems help with keeping a predictable stockpile of abrasive particles to the cutting system, upgrading the productivity and viability of the waterjet cutting activity. 


Features of Smartfeed Auto Abrasive Delivery System:

  • It has the capability of storing abrasive and delivers the abrasive to the abrasive hopper on machine, automatically. The design shows our continuous effort to improve efficiency and reduce labor requirement.
  • High sensitive sensor which monitors the available abrasive; gives visual indication to the operator when the storage tank is to be refilled
  • With 200 liters abrasive storage capacity, the abrasive can be directly feed-in to the abrasive hopper for continuous operation of 300 to 900 minutes (10 to 15 hours). 


Advantages of Smartfeed Auto Abrasive Delivery System Description:

  • Consistency: Guarantees a ceaseless and reliable stock of abrasive material, forestalling breaks in the cutting system.
  • Proficiency: Decreases manual mediation to top off the abrasive container, advancing creation time.
  • Decreased Margin time: Limits margin time brought about by running out of abrasive, prompting continuous cutting activities.
  • Accuracy: Keeps up with exact abrasive-to-water proportions, adding to steady cutting outcomes.
  • Work Reserve funds: Decreases the requirement for manual taking care of and observing of abrasive inventory, opening up administrators for different errands. 


FAQs of Smartfeed Auto Abrasive Delivery System:


What is the Smartfeed Auto Abrasive Delivery System?

The Smartfeed Auto Abrasive Delivery System is an automated gear intended to supply abrasive particles to the abrasive waterjet cutting system in a controlled and steady way.

How does the Smartfeed system function?

The system normally comprises of containers or holders for abrasive material, transports or feed components, sensors, and controls. It screens the degree of abrasive in the cutting system's abrasive container and automatically takes care of abrasive on a case by case basis to keep a consistent stockpile.

Is the system adjustable for various abrasive materials?

Smartfeed systems can frequently be arranged to work with various kinds and sizes of abrasive materials usually utilized in waterjet cutting.

Is the Smartfeed system viable with various waterjet cutting machines?

The similarity of the Smartfeed system with different waterjet cutting machines might rely upon its plan and particulars. Makers might offer systems that can be adjusted to various machines.

Does the system require support?

Like any modern hardware, customary upkeep is important to guarantee legitimate working. This might include really taking a look at feed systems, sensors, and keeping up with legitimate working of the controls.
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